List of People & Organisation Donated for Coronavirus Outbreak

In the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of celebs and organization businessman coming forward to help people of India. Joining hand with the govt. Everyone is donating something from money to equipment and masks to salary. This is an important step as the Indian cases about to cross 800 marks.

For the poor section of the society and the health of everyone, this is a great initiative to start with. As a less amount of burden will be held by everyone. In this pandemic, if we care about humanity we will fight it against the deadly coronavirus where most powerful countries result in a total disaster India is keeping up a very appreciation way.

It is worth to salute and mention these people around here. Most of the names I must have not written here as our police CRPF army is also donating their salary to this fund.

Most of the celebs are coming forward and donating in the pm relief fund or PM cares relief fund. Apart from this, they are a donation to their respective state cm relief funds and directly to the govt. This will help a lot of daily wage laborers and the poor to keep up in this crisis.

PM every state cm and people who donated have out it on their twitter account to reach the masses. They are requesting people to stay at home and help if you can’t.

PM Cares Fund Account Details

So not wasting more time this is the list for which you have open this link. See the table below and find who donated what to fight COVID-19.

Azim Premji 50,000 crore
Saurabh Ganguly 50 lakh 
Akshay Kumar 25 Crore
Mukesh Ambani 5 Crore to Maharashtra Govt. Free Petrol to the emergency vehicle, 1 Lakh Masks & Food for Poor
Sachin Tendulkar 50 lakh
Mahendra Singh Dhoni1 Lakh
Rajni Kanth 50 lakh
BCCI51 Crore
Railways  70 Crore
Vijay Sethupathi 10 Lakh
Prabhas  4 Crore
Megastar Chiranjeevi 1 Crore
Pawan Kalyan 1 Crore
Ram Charan70 Lakh
Saurashtra cricket association 21 Lakh
Anand Mahindra 100% Salary, Turning his hospital to resort
Anil Agarwal 100 Crore
Anita Dongre 1 Crore 50 Lakh
Ratan Tata no salary deductions with a 3-month salary to daily wage laborer, 3000 Crore from different TATA group
Manu Jain 1 Lakh N95 Masks
PV Sindhu 10 lakh
Bajrang Punia 6 Month Salary
Cricket Association of Bengal 25 Lakh
Shirdi temple 51 Crore
Hanuman temple Patna 1 Crore
Somnath trust Gujrat 1 Crore
Mahalakshmi trust Kolhapur 2 Crore
Varun Dhawan50 Lakh to states and PM CARES FUND
Ashish Chanchlani3 Lakhs
Gautam Adani100 Crore
Kotak Mahindra Bank50 Crore
Amit Badana5 Lakh
Guru Randhawa20 Lakh
Paytm500 Crore
Atul Wassan5 Lakh
Cello Group3.5 Crore
President of IndiaOne Month Salary
T Series11 Crore
Airport Authority of India20 Crore
Sharad Kumar1 Lakh
IPS Association21 Lakhs
Phone Pay 100 Crore
Suresh Raina52 Lakh

In cases, I missed anyone who does comment in the box to keep this keep going on. Hope you a very healthy life.

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