Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Returns in 2020

Today we are living in a world full of chaos. Whenever you thing to give shot to a new business idea. One major point that stuck to everyone’s mind is that. There is a lot of competition. Or a risky business. We have calculated a bundle of factors that is essential to take while thinking of starting with a new business. We have top business ideas for you that will take low investments and give you high returns.

So let’s start with the Business Ideas

Multiple Small Vendors stalls

Sell small items and service on the roadside stall. Like Momos, Chowmeien, Pasta or burgers. You can also opt with the trends of coronavirus with stalls like Face Masks and gloves. 

Multiple Small Vendors stalls

for this, you should follow the following steps.

Procedure and Requirement 

  • Hire daily wage labor or anyone of your choice. 
  • Acquire all his/her detail and make an agreement. 
  • Ask them that all the equipment will be financed by you. but the profit of the total daily sales with be divided equally.

This will give you the authority to control your workers. And with an investment of $100, you will be able to fetch $100 weekly. Increase the no. of stalls and increase your profits. 

Monetize your skill/service

If you have any skill or service which you can offer to the world. You can place free gigs or send online proposal to the clients. There is plenty of websites that will help you do that. Fiverr, Up Work and will give you a platform where you will meet clients. Without any complications. You just need to make an account and show your skill/service or portfolio. From here you can generate work for you and earn a pretty handsome amount.

SEO Expert

Earn Online

You can earn online with a website. You just need to buy a domain name and hosting. From here you can build any website or ask An SEO Agency to work on your behalf. The work of an SEO expert is to increase your online presence reputation and website visitors. This can help you grow your business. You can also earn through Google Adsense or sell ad space. This will take $400 to do everything. Where you will be benefited by approx $5000. This is a great deal. As the Internet is the future of all transactions.

3rd party commission trade

This is the easiest third party way to earn money without doing anything. For this, you just need to be active on social media. Browse through the internet and surf for anything. Even if you don’t know it takes the work. Now you have to hire a person from online or anywhere. Give that work to them. Give them 75% of the money to them and you will end up having 25% of the money to yourself. Without doing anything.

Sell Images

Nowadays everyone owns a smartphone and pretty much knows how to use it. We are aware of the apps for image editing. So with this method, you can earn money by just being creative. I know several apps and websites from where you can create images. Just make an image that can be used on social media, logo or wallpapers and Sell Images them online.

These are some of the most different and unique ways to earn money both online and offline.