Best TV Series you can watch to pass your time in Lockdown days

Everywhere around the world there has been shut down and lockdown. Places like India is even calling it a Curfew. So what can anyone do at this time? When you have to spend all your time sitting at your home.

So here are some of the top TV series that I would recommend you to watch. It is already watched by me and I find them pretty amazing. You can see them and pass your time without getting bored.

Each of these TV series is more than enough. I guarantee that you will not get bored even in a single episode.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S on NetFlix

You can watch Friends on NetFlix as it is the most sarcastic and comedy series you will ever come across. According to me, no one can do a comedy like these 6 of them.

Friends TV Series

So it is basically about 6 Friends who always be together and hang out at the central perk coffee house. This is an amazing concept. This series has 10 Season and I will guarantee that you will not get bored even on a single part. Each season consists of 25 episodes of 25 minutes each.

Breaking Bad also on NetFlix

Wow wow wow. This is a thing that you will find in treating. This series is about a chemistry teacher who finds out about having cancer. With his income, he cannot afford the expresses as well as the future of his family.

So one day he found out that one of his students is into the Methaphatamine business which is illegal in the USA. So he contacted him and made about 99 % pure meth which is a shock to everyone as no one can make meth this pure not even scientist. This is a pretty much suspense TV series as you don’t know what happens next.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Once you finished with breaking bad. There will be a lot of questions that will pop up on your mind. So that is why they launched another part of breaking bad series EL Camino. Which is totally based on the Student of that chemistry teacher. It is pretty good to watch. As this is a movie you can watch it in one go.

Better Call Saul

Another series in connection to the breaking bad. This is based on the lawyer that helped the breaking bad people from the police here is a pretty good lawyer and also a funny man.

The funniest line of his career was “I know a man who knows a guy who knows who he is”. It will all be relatable when you start watching this.

Permanent Roommates TVF

It is an Indian episode you can watch it for free. Find it here on

This is about 2 couples that do a bunch of things that I can’t even explain. This is amazing and unique concept. It consists of 3 seasons which is enough for you to pass your time in your lockdown. You can also watch it with your family.

Joey – TV Series on Amazon prime

This is a single season which is a single character from the friend’s named Joey. He is probably the funniest guy. So this is a separate series from Friends on a single person who lives just settled in L.A with her sister and nephew.

He is such a dump. Yes, that much dump more than you can imagine. But at the same time, he is enough to make your eyes watery with a laugh.

Mr Robot

Oh My God! this is the most complex serves as the base of the series is to hack the whole world and make everyone loan disappear from the bank storage online data.

He is a crazy guy who does a lot of drugs. He is also a loner. But he has skill in hacking that no one has in this whole world. He is capable of hacking anyone. Must watch it has 4 seasons that is earlier on Amazon prime videos but now they have made it separately paid. But you can watch it you know where. If you don’t contact me ill tell you what to do.

Vikings season 1 – 6

Vikings another amazing series on NetFlix. This is about a person Ragnar Lodbrok who is the only man who sailed toward the west. Which is known to be a deadly road? there hee find the way to Europe after which becoming the king on the kingdom. There is much more I can tell you but watch it to make the most of this series.

Marvel’s – Punisher

This is a pretty brutal story of a soldier Frank Castle. He is not afraid of anyone and got skills with guns to kill like a pro. He brutally kills dozen of men who is responsible for his wife’s death. His only aim is to live like a shady man and kill all of them.

In case I miss anything you can mention it in the comment section.

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