Top Brutal Diss Tracks between Rappers

Now a lot of diss tracks are coming. These days dissing each other on soundtracks are popular. Here rappers rap about each other very aggressively. So here are the most popular Diss Tracks of all time.

Eminem Vs Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)

First MGK drops a diss track on Eminem. Here it is to listen to it.

Listening to this track here is the lyrics to it.

After this Angry Eminem Drop a brutal diss track on MGK. Here is the song

Here is the brutal lyrics by legendry Eminem

These 2 raps are the most popular as there a ton of reaction videos to it. They insulted each other a lot but I must say Eminem was killing it.

Raftaar VS Emiway Bantai

This is a brutal diss tracks mostly popular in India. where a gully boy not much famous as Raftaar. Emiway Bantai dropped a brutal diss track on Raftaar where Raftaar also replied with a diss track. Both Dropped 2 each Diss tracks on each other where it ended up when Raftaar cast a live video saying that his industry people have said he should not be doing all this. From here Emiway bantai become really famous. He dropped some of the most amazing tracks where his flow was outstanding.

Here is the line-wise series of diss tracks

In these tracks according to me. Raftaar made famous the Emiway Bantai. Where nobody knows him Raftaar with his diss track told everyone that there is something in the rap game name EMIWAY.

In the end, Raftaar dropped a live video where he said he will not continue these diss tracks as the seniors told him. See that live video too.

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