Movies to watch in your Lockdown Days

What can we do sitting at home when this dangerous Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is here. Instead of going out and try to kill yourself. You can watch these movies. Which will pass your time in this boring time? Let’s start with the list.

Mad Max Fury Road

What a movie. A great story where tom hardy is just among. The acting the script the videography all in its perfect place. This is the first movie I till recommend you watch. You can find it on Amazin Prime Video. You will be a thriller and your eyes will pop out with the scenes. Cars that you can’t even imagine they ride they fight for water.

Jocker – 2019

A movie that you can watch. A story of a loner depressed by a society. You think something has bad happened to you even you don’t have done anything wrong. You must see what Arthur has been through. What he does totally justified. I have no guilt he had no guilt. It is enough to make anyone crazier.

The Wolf of the Wallstreet

Another great Leonardo DiCaprio movie from paramount pictures. This is a movie for 18+ (Adult Content). But a movie that makes sense. Where a normal person turns to a multi-billionaire with share market and stocks. A great way to pass your time and see when you had the money that you can do. Drugs, sex, prostitutes or riding a helicopter?

Suicide Squad

Haha, This is a must-watch movie. When the government needs bad people to fight that they can’t. Office The jocker is here and her girlfriend. The movie is a total blunder with the cast like Will smith.

Blood and Bone

Here I find out the full movie on youtube. You can watch it right here and give your opinion right here in the comment section. This is an action movie that all I have to say and the action is really good. While writing this post I saw this whole movie in fast forward. What a fighting scene I must say.

Raman Raghav 2.0

A movie of a psychopath played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Who is a cold-blooded murderer? He was chased by a cop – Vishal Kaushal who is also a drug addict. A real movie one should watch in a lifetime. A high chase of a murderer who can kill anyone. But no one knows that he is chasing the cop not the cop is chasing him.

Justice League

After the death of Superman in the batman vs superman. The justice league needs him to fight with the greatest threat to the universe. So they relive Superman and then able to fight easily with the evils of earth. A super epic scene from the justice league.

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